Language based discrimination over

Language based discrimination over

Language based discrimination over. A large section of India is very aggrieved and is a victim of discrimination. These issues are related to the large population of Indian-speaking country including rural, poor and Hindu of India. Due to government policies and provisions so far, this population is a victim of harassment in the field of education and employment. The kind of education policy and competitive exam structure in the country is completely rural, poor and anti-Indian language. This is the reason that when poor, rural and Indian-language children achieve success in education and employment, it is considered as a unique achievement.

All this is only because education and employment have been tailored to India’s upper class, which is represented by the country’s dominating people, who mostly get education through English medium. Hindu and Indian languages ​​have been neglected since independence in education, competitive examinations, employment, and justice, which have been found to be of little use, are neglected and narrow-sighted. Despite having education and skills and talent in science, social science, engineering and management through Hindu medium, Indian youths have to prove proficiency in English separately, due to which they lose their best opportunities under the whole plot. Does matter.

What will be a bigger joke in this country that a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English has also been made mandatory to become an official language official. The Department of Official Language has become more translation department than the department promoting the use of Hindu. Today there is also a lack of fundamental research in the country, because professors insist on English medium whereas students, despite not being used to English medium, spend all their talent in learning English standards and English methods, so that their fundamental ideas and Original discoveries die before they flourish. Due to such research being available only in English, they remain part of research, educational institutions, libraries, seminars and courses. As far as research is concerned, research here is like a stereotype, in which the concepts developed in the West are only converted in the Indian context.

In education, a number of linguistic mediums and boards including Hindu and English have become a huge gap and the medium has been considered as the basis of skill. This is the reason that the percentage of success of the contestants in competitive examinations through Hindu medium and Indian language is very low. The neglect of Hindu and Indian languages ​​is well known in medicine, engineering and management, it is felt that these subjects cannot be taught in Hindu, whereas in Uttar Pradesh board millions of children study science in Hindu, but the degree college and English is imposed on them at university level. In recent years, the government has tied them up on a percentage basis, limiting opportunities for engineering and medical entrance exams in various ways, which has hurt children studying in rural and Indian languages, as they have limited opportunities. On the go, the children studying in modern facilities are lagging behind. This is also causing disappointment and frustration in them.

Worse still is the selection competition of the Indian Administrative Service. In this, the skill test of English in the main examination already, becomes the road to success for thousands of Hindu and Indian language contestants. Despite having all the knowledge and skills, they are unable to reach worthy positions due to their medium. Competitors of English medium get extra advantage due to English medium. Similarly, public sector undertakings, banks and many direct recruits are denied even in the absence of English knowledge. Many times, the basis of minimum score is made so high that many meritorious talents are left out of the competitive examination, whereas in English and Hindu medium, various universities and state education boards and central education boards provide education and marks. Standards have very high inequality. This also discourages more poor talent coming from the village.

Today it is necessary to consider setting up an education system in the country from primary to high school and intermediate. Steps should be taken to end economic disparity between government and private schools and colleges. Separate arrangements for the upper class and unequal for the poor class and the end of the discriminatory medium of language should be considered. Also, uniformity in university education should be brought in the country. Universities should be limited to education only. A nationwide university examination board should be considered for the examination. This will bring uniformity in examination, marks / grade. This will eliminate the need for entrance examination for admission to post-intermediate to undergraduate and then to post-graduate. This will save resources, students will get relief from running. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of language or medium. Apart from this, in the appointment to be made in the Union Public Service Commission, State Public Service Commissions, Central Recruitment, State Recruitment, Army, Courts, Public Undertakings, Scientific, Research, Management and Professional Institutions, wherever English language is compulsory, It should be finished.

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