Functions of the chief executive

Functions of the chief executive

Functions of the chief executive

The executive director is the head of a country’s administrative system. Administration is like a pyramid; Above all, he is the CEO. In general, there are two types of executive director: 1) parliamentary and 2) president. Analysis of the cabinet and the presidential-type chief executive reveals several points of difference. In countries where the parliamentary system of government prevails, the de facto chief executive is the cabinet, which is a plural body. The prime minister, who heads the cabinet, regards the other members as his allies. In contrast, in the presidential system of government, the executive director is a single person, the president.

The executive director has two types of functions to carry out general political and administrative functions. Past actions include obtaining and maintaining legislative support for its policies and programs, providing leadership to the nation, etc. Its administrative functions are expressed by Gulick in the words of ‘POSDCORB’. Many of the executive director’s administrative tasks can now be briefly described.

District Administration Concept and Emergence (Part – 3)

1) Formulate the administrative policy.
2) The executive director authorizes the organization structure through which the administration works.
3) The Executive Director produces power in personnel administration. Appoints and dismisses public officials.
4) The Executive Director issues directives, proclamations, orders, etc. to carry out administrative activities in accordance with legal provisions.
5) They have budgetary responsibilities. The Executive Director prepares and submits the annual budget to the Legislature and after subsequent approval approves and implements it.
6) Coordination is one of your most important tasks.

what do you mean by Communication?

The role of the executive director is made up of all these functions. Of course, no single person can make such a formidable group alone. He needs help AND, in practice, the help he receives from the organs, or organs, is connected to him. This body, commonly called the term “general employee”. General staff provide expert advice and support to the CEO.

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