Recognize your value

Recognize your value

Recognize your value

A person went to a Mahatma and said that no one in my office appreciates me. Everyone looks at me. The saint pointed to the book kept in front and said that how much will this book cost? If the owner of this book keeps its price very low then any customer will use it as a waste, but if you keep the price of this book high, then people will keep it. So if we keep standing in the temple every day saying that I am humbled, I am poor, I am weak, I am struck by luck, then you have kept your value very small. Therefore, other people also will not give you more. Whereas the truth is that we are ‘Amrutasya sons’. We are part of the ultimate. We are blissful nature.

Duties and authority

Lord Krishna says in the Gita that only one person can save you and only one person can ruin you. The one who can populate you is yourself. Therefore, never give any feeling to your inner gravity nor give inferiority to your inner self, but rather give expression to your perfection. We are all part of the whole and the fraction of the whole is also, was and will remain. If the sense of gravity is ego, then the feeling of lowliness is also ego.

Positive attitudes find light even in the dark

In the end, someone else weighs you down only when you consider yourself inferior. Vibhishan asked Hanuman ji, what is your relation with Ram ji? Then Hanuman ji said in reply, “When I consider myself a body, I am the servant of God. When I think of myself as a living being, I am part of God, but when I think of myself as a self, there is no difference between me and God. So remove this inferiority. Remove the feeling of living by taking this begging bowl that someone else will respect you. Start it by yourself only then you will be able to get respect.

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