Satisfaction in human life is man’s greatest treasure and power

Satisfaction is the greatest treasure and power in human life. The human soul has seven fundamental qualities. Peace, love, purity, happiness, joy, knowledge and self-power, these seven June are like the basic qualities of human beings. When all these qualities are present in perfection in a person, then that person is called Satoguni and the inclusion of these qualities is satisfaction. The wealth of the world also fades in front of satisfaction. This is because all the splendor and material comforts of the world cannot give real satisfaction to man. The same is true, there is no limit to man’s worldly desires. According to Mahatma Buddha, material desires are the cause of human suffering and enjoy life.

Man must be independent in his life.

Put an end to material desires

The end of material desires is the end of suffering. Therefore, he has shown how to turn wishes into wishes. In the scriptures, it has been called ‘wish ardent avidya’. And it is also said that ‘Sa Vidya or Vimuktaye’ means the same knowledge, which can free a person from diseases, sufferings and sorrows arising out of desires and sensual pleasure. Satisfaction in human life makes man not passive, but active, creative, positive, optimistic, loyal, honest and progressive. Motivate people to move forward with enthusiasm, courage, confidence and morality for the truth, goodness and goodness of all.

Satisfaction is very important in human life

Satisfaction in human life makes man virtuous and he walks on his path with a peace. A satisfied person is always calm, cool, balanced, tolerant, patient, flexible and sociable. Like Arjuna of Srimadbhagavadgita, one is happy beyond all mental duality and questions. Become a Karmayogi in your field, successful in every task with social intelligence, satisfied and knowledgeable. To increase satisfaction, regular meditation, contemplation and understanding of the seven qualities contained in consciousness are necessary. These qualities and powers should be associated with God with mind and intellect.

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