India should increase its activity in Afghanistan

India should increase its activity in Afghanistan

India should increase its activity in Afghanistan. Recently, US President Donald Trump canceled the ongoing dialogue process with the Taliban. On his attitude, this terrorist group said that only through dialogue can peace be restored in Afghanistan and its doors are still open for talks. So, should the US president resume peace talks with the Taliban in the future. Earlier this month, it seemed that both sides had reached an agreement and the 18-year-old conflict would come to an end. The matter had gone so far that Trump had planned to host Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban leaders at Camp David on 8 September, but a Taliban attack in the Afghan capital Kabul on 6 September spoiled the game. . Apart from an American soldier, 11 others were killed in this terrorist attack. This enraged Trump and he retreated, stating that if this organization did not cease fire even during negotiations, it would appear that it might not have the capacity to hold talks. Along with this, all kinds of speculation about the Trump-Taliban agreement also evaporated.

Today, the Taliban occupy far more parts of Afghanistan than it was amassed by US-led forces in 2001. The Taliban also does not recognize the administration of President Ashraf Ghani. He considers it the puppet government of America. Until the US was not involved in the negotiation process, it refused to have direct talks with the Afghan government. Meanwhile, his attacks continued. In the last few days, about 48 people were killed and many were injured in separate suicide attacks. 26 people died in a terrorist attack at an election rally in Parwan province, north of the capital Kabul. President Ghani was scheduled to address the rally. At the same time, 22 people were killed in a blast near the US Embassy in the middle of Kabul. This is perhaps part of the Taliban’s efforts to show to what extent it has the ability to influence the Afghan battlefield and political landscape. After the peace talks with the US were halted, the Taliban approached countries such as Russia and Iran. Moscow has previously held two-stage talks between the Taliban and other Afghan negotiators. A visit to China is expected in this regard soon.

Talks were to begin on September 23 on all sides related to Afghanistan. If the agreement had been done before then there would have been a discussion on a wider ceasefire. The Gani administration has also indicated that it is tightening its stand. He has said that the Taliban provocations will not succeed. He made it clear that negotiations with the Afghan government were the only solution to peace in Afghanistan. With this, it has also been made clear that no talks are possible before the presidential election to be held on 28 September.

The rapidly changing landscape in Afghanistan is increasing pressure on regional forces to change their arithmetic. India is no exception to this. America has already chanted that only he is carrying the burden of waging war against terrorism. In such a situation, Washington would like that countries like India, Iran, Russia and Turkey also want to join this campaign soon. Trump’s call to bear the burden of this responsibility will be further emphasized in the future.

यदि आप अपना पुराना बैंक खाता बंद कर रहे हैं, तो इसे ध्यान में रखें

Those sitting in India have been critical of the marginalization of New Delhi in Afghanistan, they are the same people who opposed efforts to increase India’s military presence in Afghanistan. On the development front, India has done a very commendable job in Afghanistan. Even though in January Trump trumped India’s activities in Afghanistan, saying that India had done the same thing as building a library there, but New Delhi has done more than that there. There are genuinely good feelings about India in Afghanistan, but as far as talks about the future form of power in Afghanistan are concerned, there is no alternative to rigor. It is equally true that despite all efforts by Pakistan, India’s role in determining the future of Afghanistan cannot be ignored.

New Delhi’s capabilities will also be important in deciding the priorities of its neighbors. This was also evident when India tried to show the practice of removing Article 370 related to Jammu and Kashmir in its constitution by linking it with Afghanistan. On this, no one else but Pakistan, but the Taliban themselves, showed a mirror, saying, ‘Some parties will not solve the crisis by linking Kashmir issue with Afghanistan, because the Afghan issue is not connected to it.’ It is clear from these same Mughals that even if a party comes to power in Kabul, it will look towards New Delhi only to protect its sovereignty. In this context, India’s Afghanistan policy must adapt itself to the rapidly changing realities so that it can play a role in the wider South Asian region according to its stature. Even if India has got some immediate relief due to the cancellation of Taliban-US peace talks, nothing will be achieved by sitting idle. The status quo cannot be an option for India.

If a stable and economically oriented prosperity was beneficial to India in the past, it should remain a priority in the future as well. Countries like America, located seven thousand miles away, will keep coming and going, but geographical realities are not going to change for India.

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  2. I do enjoy the way you have framed this particular matter plus it does supply me some fodder for thought. Nonetheless, from what I have observed, I simply just hope as the actual opinions pile on that people today continue to be on issue and don’t start upon a soap box of the news du jour. Yet, thank you for this fantastic piece and even though I do not agree with this in totality, I value your point of view.

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