Often people are seen doing hard meditation to get divine grace. Somewhere, people have been practicing food after sacrificing food for years, while some people are chanting in caves and temples and some are chanting millions of mantras. Such practices continue to be discussed, but metaphysical scholars say that the greatest practice is not to hurt the minds of others, to break the trust and confidence of others. This person can only do that which has settled his mind and does not manipulate his mind. It is seen that arrogance starts in those doing external practice and they want people around to give them special importance. If this is not done then they start to get angry. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, even considered violence to others. Violence is not only the breaking or burning or destroying of material substances, it is also violence to harm others.

Position and stature have a great importance in society. No big rank is received that people start to glorify that person as if he is not an ordinary human but an incarnate power. By hailing all around, a person’s position becomes effective on him and his height decreases. His shortness means that his human sensations begin to die. Gradually, he becomes so enlightened that he wants his parents, teachers and all to see him. This Dugrun came in Ravana during the Mahabharata period, during Duryodhana and Shri Ram. So they fell and then the empire disintegrated. If you do not get humility, tolerance and gentleness on getting a big post, then one day a person with a high position reaches a bad position. Therefore, if someone shows glory and dominance due to the abundance of verse or material things, then he is a great head. Therefore, one should be humble after attaining greatness.

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