Path to salvation

Path to salvation

understand salvation bondage path salvation.There are two paths in human life – one the path of bondage and the other the path of salvation. Most people understand that salvation i s attained when one is freed from the bondage of the body after death, but the truth is that one can attain salvation while alive. In the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘If one makes effort while performing the deeds and surrendering the supreme power to those deeds, then he attains salvation in this life. Cutting has to be done, among which greed, fascination and ego are prominent. Since the bonds are always vicious, getting rid of them is salvation. If this foresight comes in us, then by understanding the element of salvation, we can take life to the height of success. We have got human life only because every person should do deeds for this supreme effort and make this experiment worthwhile in order to attain the ultimate essence.

यदि आप अपना पुराना बैंक खाता बंद कर रहे हैं

The only difference between bondage and salvation is that when demonic wealth grows with us, we will move towards bondage, but when divine wealth grows with us, we will move towards salvation. The bondage of bondage keeps us grounded, but getting rid of it is necessary for every person, because salvation is necessary for every person. Whatever a person does, he should not have anger, fascination, but his decision should be in the interest of society. The Mahabharata war took place, but for this Sri Krishna did not incite the mind of the Pandavas, but aroused a sense of well-being of a united India and asked him to wage war with the spirit of doing deeds for God, keeping the ideal of a cultural king. Therefore, the work done to attain salvation is called an art of living life, it will not be an exaggeration. For attaining salvation, we must keep abstinence on our speech, increase the capacity of listening and meditation and keep studying continuously.

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