Human civilization in search of light

Human civilization in search of light

Human civilization in search of light. This story is about a village when civilization had not developed on earth and the whole world was engulfed in darkness. The tradition in that village was that every person used to come out of the village by filling the darkness in baskets every day to get rid of darkness. Incidentally, one day a bride came to a house in that village after the marriage of a young man. The elder of the house also ordered the newly married bride to fill the darkness in the basket and throw it outside the village. The bride began to wonder how it could be thrown out by filling the darkness in the basket. Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind at the speed of lightning. She came outside the house, without delay, made a lamp of clay. He immediately put some oil in the wick of the cloth and lit the lamp. Now the darkness was cut. Everyone in the village was surprised that how the darkness can be removed in this way. The daughter-in-law of the house opened the eyes of the people of the village. Since then, the village has never been dark again, because people have learned to light a lamp for illumination.

The story of ignorance to remove darkness in that village is our own story. Despite the rapid development of civilization, we have failed to get rid of the darkness in our souls. By lighting the lights and removing the darkness that is spread out, we are convinced that the darkness inside us is over and the light has spread, but unfortunately we do not see in our soul itself that lies, deceit, false enjoyment, ego, deceit -Prapanch etc. is immersed in the blackness of inhuman tendencies. There is a complete lack of compassion, compassion, sympathy, love, religion, character and morality. Today, the question is not about the search for light, but to open your senses closed in the glare of excessive light so that the flame of the lamp of light of enlightenment, self-sacrament and self-transcendence will be ignited in perpetuity.

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