Sense control

Sense control

There are two distinctions of sense control – inner and external. The noun of mind, intellect and ego and mind is their conscience and the noun of the ten senses is exclusion. We can visualize the four senses of the inner senses, cannot see them, but we can see the senses of the external senses. In the senses of the inner mind the mind thinks and the intellect decides it. It says, ‘As it comes to mind, it does.’ It remains skeptical, but wisdom removes that doubt. The mind feels and understands. People generally consider arrogance as pride, but the scriptures call it self-centered senses.

नीलम के पत्थर को धारण करते ही प्रभाव दिखाना शुरू

The external senses have two parts – Gyanendriya and Karmedriya. The eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin are sensible, because there is knowledge of color and form from the eyes, words from the ears, fragrance-smell from the nose, taste-juice from the tongue and hot and cold from the skin. Voice, hands, feet, genitals and anus — these are the five karmadriyas. The one who keeps these senses under his control is called Jitendriya. Being Jitendriya is sponsored by practice and practice. We should be conscious. A man who indulges in sense can never be defeated, because he cannot fall into the senses that weaken human life. The main religion for man is sense relief. The senses are very strong and they blind humans.

Human heart is very weak. Truthfulness and morality have been called human religion. Those who believe that God is present in all, all are one, they should feel that if we do any favor to other people, then it is our own benevolence, because we are who they are. In this way, when all are parts and forms of God, if we help everyone and help everyone, then it is worship of God and worship of him.

Success depends on the path of struggle

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