Change life vision

Change life vision special purpose

Change life vision special purpose

Change life vision special purpose There is definitely a special purpose in the work of God. Some changes are rules, some are accidental. It is not happening spontaneously, because it has never disturbed the pace of creation. It seems that every living being, every event has its own role which it has to fulfill. Man looked at his body. Most humans came and went on living long lives. He could not know how many organs contributed to his life throughout his life. Even in the present age of knowledge, many people do not know the exact composition of their body. Despite this, all the organs do their work only then life goes on. When any one part becomes relaxed then life stops. Then the importance of that organ is understood. The universe is a broad form of human body. What is in the body is in the universe. If man is saving his body, then he should show the same sensitivity to the brand. If part of human body is also diseased, then life is affected. If even a fraction of the brand starts disappearing, then the balance, cohesion of the brand breaks. It means to disturb the system of God. Interrupting the divine order is to lead our lives towards misery and punishment.

Positive results of human tendency

Humans like society and creation as their bodies. Contribute to keeping society happy as he takes measures to keep his body healthy. Man takes a lot from creation in his life, but at least as much as he is taking, he should also take measures to return the creation. He could get so much from creation because it was saved for him. When he saves the creation, he makes his next lives enjoyable. What he is giving today is to return to him tomorrow in one form or another by the grace of God. In such a situation, we need to change the way we look at life.

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