Importance of public administration

Importance of public administration

Importance of public administration

Importance of public administration Public administration has an important place not only as a means of governance, but also as an important mechanism for preserving and promoting the well-being of the community in the era of welfare states. It also has a great impact on people’s lives. This is an important process for the implementation of a noble objective.

The importance of public administration can be studied under three headings:

(I). Its Importance for People.

(II) Its importance in democracy.

Public administration and public

Public administration holds a very important place in the lives of people. It is that branch of government that touches the life of man more directly and more amazingly than any other. Almost all people use public administration service in their activity. There are many administration departments such as employment exchanges, industry department, medical department and agriculture department etc., which affect almost all the citizens in one way or another. With the advancement of science and technology, the problem of maintaining effective coordination between the administration and the rest of the community has become very important. Therefore, the search for knowledge of public administration becomes the most essential element in modern times.

Public Administration and Democracy

The ideals of democracy, that is, the progress, prosperity and security of the common man, can only be attained through a fair, honest and efficient administration. An administrator should be neutral in politics and should serve honestly any political party in power. You must have a certain capacity with AAP leaders in the field of government. Modern democracy has introduced the concept of a welfare state. The scope of state activity has increased, increasing the demand for more and more services in public administration. Unreasonable interference of politicians in administration and can be an effective tool for achieving the ideals of nations.

Similarities between Public and Private Administration

Importance of Public Administration as a subject

For all your needs, the citizen depends on public administration. Given the important role of public administration in the lives of people, a citizen of the state cannot neglect his studies. Therefore, their teaching should be part of the education curriculum. The study of public administration will help people to become better administrators.

Due to its increasing importance

The Industrial Revolution and technological development have contributed to the importance of public administration. The common man can feel safe only when large-scale organizations based on solid management principles satisfy their interests. Rapid means of transport and communication have made possible the existence of large-scale administration.

The emergence of planning concept for socio economic reform of common man has led to the development of public administration. The formulation and implementation of these schemes broadens the scope of public administration.

With the introduction of welfare states, the concept of police states has received a setback. Welfare states treat individuals in all life forms. These are the factors responsible for the increasing importance of development and public administration.

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