Positive results of human tendency

Positive results of human tendency

Positive results of human tendency

Positive results of human tendency. If the results are positive during a task, then we immediately take credit for it. Conversely, if the result is negative, a list of all excuses is also prepared for it. It is often the nature of human beings that if something good has happened, it has happened only because of it and if something bad has happened, it is the responsibility of others. Due to this tendency to accuse when we do our harm, it is not known to us.

What will happen if we give credit for our achievements to the worthy people? Conversely, if we start taking responsibility for our own failures, it will help in the development of personality. The power to accept its failures gives rise to possibilities of learning in humans. We either learn by making mistakes ourselves, or gain experience by seeing others’ mistakes as examples. Mahatma Gandhi used to dedicate the credit of every success during the independence movement to the people and activists of the country and if any movement failed he would blame himself for it. He became great by doing so.

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There is no human who has not stumbled. This world is an eyewitness to the success stories of many people whose success has stood on the foundation of many stumbles. After attaining a degree in life, it should not be understood that complete knowledge has been attained. There is absolutely no one here, everyone tries their best on the basis of their ability and hard work. Life is like an old school, where new knowledge will be received. But if we become neutral that we already know everything, then this neutrality will end the possibilities of new learning and understanding. Therefore it is necessary to be alive within our inner disciple spirit so that we can accept the failures and move on to the path of success.

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