Hope of establishing Ramrajya

Hope of establishing Ramrajya, Uday Prakash Arodagandhi ji’s dream was that when Hindustan becomes free, it should establish the kingdom of Ramlala i.e. the state of Ramlala in accordance with Indian tradition. For India, there can be no better model of democracy than Ram Rajya. The people may be very fond of the words Ramrajya and Ramlala, but our so-called progressive brothers get agitated on hearing these words. They understand them as a system that is under kings, feudals and priests, where women are treated like slaves and Dalits are oppressed. Why did Gandhiji name Ram for good governance? The answer is that he was associated with the general public of India. He used the terminology of the general public so that he could reach the hearts of the people. Ramrajya means the kingdom of God.

The Citizenship Bill is a forgotten reform

God is not only Ram, but also Rahim. The rule of God means the rule of justice. Under Rama’s rule, there was love, respect and respect for all religions. People used to believe their fault first and later that of someone else. Rama’s message is that the person who praises his religion first and condemns the second, he himself loses his religion. Rama was a historical man or God, this thing does not matter. Important was the humanism that we get to know in Rama’s kingdom through Valmiki and Tulsi. Ramrajya means Swarajya! In self-governance, the decision is not subject to the authority, but is subject to justice and truth. People of other religions should not destroy the meaning of Rama, so Gandhiji also called Ramrajya as Dharma Rajya. He proved that Ram Rajya is the climax of Swarajya. It is possible even today to have such a kingdom of Ram. In Rama’s kingdom, the ruler was ready to sacrifice everything for the subjects, but the thing that was most important in Rama’s kingdom was Rama’s Dalit love. The specialty of Rama’s rule was that the more he was left, selfless and dalit, the greater was his love for Rama. People of the four varnas used to bathe together at Rajghat.

Administration, Organization and Management

Rama’s kingdom is considered to be an example of a welfare ie the climax of Surajya. Tulsi considered the king to be the representative of the subjects. He considered him as the true ruler who considers the post as a medium of service to the subjects. The best ideal of a welfare state is Ram Rajya i.e. a state of religion, a state of justice, a state of duty and above all, a state of service, not power. Hinduism cannot be imagined without non-violence and tolerance. After the establishment of Ramlala, we have full faith that the message of non-violence and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ that India has given to the world will be stronger now. Where the temple of Ramlala is built, the message of all religion is engraved and spread all over the world. The specialty of Rama’s rule was that the more he left, selfless, the greater was his love for Rama.

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