Mobile phone changed the world

Mobile phone changed the world. On April 1973, when the owner of the Motorola company Martin Cooper presented the first mobile phone weighing one kilogram to the world, he might not have imagined that this miracle of science will one day hypnotize the whole world! With the advent of mobile phones, not only has the whole world changed rapidly in terms of technology, but it has also been instrumental in realizing the concept of ‘decentralized technology’. The great credit for connecting people with technology and developing technical understanding goes to mobile itself. Once used only for calling and sending messages, the mobile has now gone far beyond its traditional realm. After the arrival of the smartphone, it seems as if the whole world has subsided into a mere five-six inch screen. Being a multipurpose nature, mobile has made modern life extremely simple and accessible. According to an estimate, there are about 80 crore mobile phone holders in the country. Surprisingly, 50 to 60 lakh phones are also added to this list every year! However, this was not the case a few decades ago. The arrival of mobile phones in India occurred in 1995, when the then Chief Minister of Bengal Jyoti Basu talked to the then Union Telecom Minister Sukhram via mobile phone and heralded the arrival of mobiles in the country. Buying a mobile phone was a big dream for many then. The situation was that even then incoming calls had to be paid. However, at present, the country is undergoing a drastic change in terms of technology. The Digital Revolution has given a new direction to the efforts of the Central Government. The truth is that in today’s technological era, a person who is away from mobile, search engine and social media is definitely living below the poverty line in terms of technology! Keeping the country on the path of digital revolution is an appropriate step. But we also have to keep in mind that problems like power shortage, sluggish internet, expensive data rate in the country can become a hindrance for the plan of Digital India. Hence, there is a need to work on basic issues along with digitization. Increasing use of technology will result in environmental protection. Paperless work and e-education in government departments will be able to curb the majority cutting of trees caused by paper as soon as the practice is put on the ground. It is said that one technique connects you with another technique. In such a situation, if we do not remain connected with technology, then new technologies will also be out of our reach. Therefore, it is important that we stay connected with technology and keep using it in a limited and meaningful way.

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The great credit for connecting people with technology and developing technical understanding in them goes to the mobile phone itself.

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