Talk of Naihar and Maternal home!

Talk of Naihar and Maternal home!, The word Naihar is rarely heard now. Earlier this word was used a lot from folk songs to film songs. It is still spoken in the countryside, but it is far removed from the urban rites of language, because now its use in film songs has also stopped. Naihar means father’s house or maternal uncle. Once upon a time, women used to threaten their Maternal home as an effective weapon to get her husband to talk, but now it is not so. Believe it or not, due to changing beliefs and the communication revolution, now the maika neighborhood has become a marriage destination. So Maternal home bullying is rarely used.

Hope of establishing Ramrajya

The word Naihar is derived from the Sanskrit knowledge house. Knowledge house is made from knowledge house. Knowledge means relative, ancestral, relative. Knowledge is made by applying a suffix to a known metal. Knowledge metal includes sense, identity, introduction, experience, understanding, etc. The word knowledge is formed from this only. Knowledge is at the root of words like knowing and knowing. The one who has knowledge of everything is called the knowledgeable. Science is also made of this. It is clear that from the sense of knowing contained in knowledge, a known word is also formed, which means that it has been known. In this, from object to cognition and from place to person. Similarly, in knowledge, there is only the sense of what has been known, but in this especially the person is prominent, hence it means relative, relative etc. Knowledge is peeping at the root of words like nata, kantedar, kinship. In the Gyatigriha, this sentiment connects with the ancestral house of the father, his relatives and relatives. The relative is someone you know very well. In this way Gyatigriha means father’s house or maternal uncle. The order of changing the knowledge house into a Nahar was somewhat like this – Knowledge House, Temple, Naihar, Naihar, Naihar. The Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah, immortalized the word Naihar in the song Babul Mora Naihar Chhukto Jaayi.

Cognitive development

If there is talk of father’s house in Naihar, then the word of mother’s house is emerging in the word Maika. The word is derived from Matruka + a: Matrika in Sanskrit means Lakshmi, Durga, Devi, Mother etc. The word Matruka also contains the sense of place of birth or place of origin. This is why mother is called mother. There is also a sense of nutrition in the mother. Virgo is raised by her mother. That’s where she gives birth and grows up. Maiya is made from Matrika, whose popular form is Maiya, Mai or Maiya. After marriage, the husband’s house is the woman’s house, but there is no specific word for it. Like the parents, the husband’s father’s house is called the real home of the woman, which is called in-law. The word father-in-law of Hindi is derived from Sanskrit word for word. Respiratory + Alaya is the combined home of the father-in-law. In this way, the in-laws were formed from the Reservoir, which is also called Susral in many places.

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