Good will

Good will

Good will

Just as pride is a sin, in the same way it is a sin to think of oneself as inferior. It is not fair that some parents use abusive and defamatory language for children. This imparts the sacraments of inferiority in his mind. Which have a fatal effect on their future. Guidance is necessary for children, but inferiority should not be encouraged with them. The famous scientist Albert Einstein was initially known to be retarded compared to other students. They could not answer the teachers’ questions. His classmates used to write sarcastic words like ‘fool’, ‘idiot’ on his back, but Einstein did not fall prey to inferiority complex. Famous in the world as the great scientist of the century.

Churning the life of human actions

There is a deep connection between the person and the situation. One who receives favorable conditions can develop spontaneously. It is difficult to move towards success in an adverse environment. We ourselves are the creators of circumstances. The widespread impact of situationalism is visible on today’s public. This is causing mental and social problems. Every person’s life is variable. From time to time, the difficult valleys of difficulties also have to be crossed. Those whose mind becomes circumstantial, they cannot move towards their goal in that situation. All the great men of the world have climbed to the pinnacle of success on the basis of their morale. Success lies in our self-determination and effort, not in external means.

The real meaning of Guru

To squeeze all the juice from every moment of life, to live every moment with full vitality, to pour one’s life into every moment – this is the positive attitude towards life. This is the good will of life. This is the way to get rid of problems.

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