Importance of abstinence

Importance of abstinence

Moderation is the quality by which a person can touch the apex of success. This quality strengthens our spiritual strength. It is a factor of character sophistication. A stock of immeasurable strength is stored within a spartan person. Nurture of self-control is possible only with good thoughts and satsangi. Good thoughts increase the restraint effect. Satsangati is also a factor in the birth of abstinence. Good environment, temperament arises from the proximity of the gentlemen. The quality of abstinence gives immortality to this mortal body, because abstinence drives a person to good works. It does not allow negativity to pass. There is enmity between restraint and negative thoughts.

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Mahatma Gandhi had said, “When restraint and courtesy are combined with courage, then that person becomes unique.” That is, having restraint is essential for uniqueness in personality. The basic uniqueness in a person is nurtured by his restraint. When the Western thinker Rousseau was asked about restraint, he said, “Abstinence creates new light in the life of man.” It is clear that abstinence has the power to make a person’s life light.

Churning the life of human actions

The restraint of speech makes a person sharp. Speech restraint is a way of speech accomplishment. The person who controls his voice becomes unique. People are attracted towards him. At the same time, sense restraint makes a person’s nature invincible. The jitendriya gets introduced into the mine of rituals. Such personalities are always exemplary. Moderate lifestyle is an ideal lifestyle. The construction of the new age is possible with the help of moderate youth power. If the younger generation of any nation is sober, then its social environment will surely be pure and it will continue on the path of progress.

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