Lord Shiva and Shiva

Lord Shiva and Shiva

Lord Shiva and Shiva, Yat Satya Tattva, Yat Shiv Tattva Where there is truth, there is Shiva and where there is Shiva, there is beauty. The word Shiva itself means welfare. He is bonafide for everyone and always being friendly and friendly. The real beauty of God Shiva is his benevolence for the whole world and beings. The word Shiva, composed of ‘sh’ and ‘v’, is sinister and liberator. That is, those who defeat everyone’s sins and liberate everyone, they are the Supreme God Shiva. Shiva’s knowledge, qualities and powers are his divinity. By wearing them, a person develops inner strength and virtues and ends his defects and disorders.

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It is only by Shiva that the re-establishment of divinity and the complete completion of divine rites in human life and society. Shiva is the sun of spiritual knowledge and Shiva is the ray of his mangladini qualities and powers, which fall on every time, every place and every living being. That is why we sing, “Knowledge sun illuminated, ignorance and destruction of darkness.” But if the doors, windows and skylights of our house are all closed, we can blame neither the sun nor its rays for not getting light. Just as the physical relatives are remembered for personal attainment, in order to get the light of Shiva in the form of happiness and peace from the incorporeal formless God Shiva, we have to open the window of spiritual knowledge residing in the midst of our body, the Bhrkuti and the formless Shiva. Have to remember.

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Man’s mind and intellect, staying in the memory of Shiva and appearing in worldly karma, is called supreme yoga i.e. Raja Yoga. And from this, every deed brings self-power, self-confidence, complacency, autism and self-satisfaction.

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