Migraine risk sleep disorder

Migraine risk sleep disorder

Adequate sleep not only keeps the body and mind healthy, but it can also prevent many health problems. Now, a new study has found that sleep disorders can pose a risk of migraine. Migraine causes severe pain in one part of the head. Its intensity decreases and increases. Researcher UU of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the US. They found that about half of migraine patients reported sleep sickness. This conclusion is based on a study conducted in 98 adults. This study was done to explore the association between sleep and migraine. The study’s lead researcher, Suzanne Bertisk, said: “When we look at some aspects of sleep, we find that sleep is related to migraine.

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Nutritious diet useful for cancer patients

A new study has found that a nutritious diet may be useful for patients suffering from head and throat cancer. Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants and other nutrients increases the risk of loss of appetite in such patients. According to researchers at the University of Illinois in the United States, within 90 years of diagnosis of head and throat cancer, about 90 percent of patients have symptoms of eating out. This may be due to surgery or radiation during the tumor or treatment. The findings are based on a study conducted on 336 patients. Researchers say such side effects of radiation treatment and chemotherapy are common.

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Irregular heartbeat can cause fatigue

People who are feeling emotional, physical and mental fatigue or burnout become aware. This type of prolonged fatigue can be heavy for heart health. One study found such fatigue to be associated with the risk of irregular heartbeat. According to the World Health Organization, this type of fatigue is called burnout. It is a syndrome that can be caused by stress. According to researchers, it differs from burnout depression. This conclusion has been drawn on the basis of studies conducted on about 11 thousand middle-aged people. During this period, people who used anti-depressants, fatigue, anger were monitored. The risk of irregular heartbeat was found to be 20 percent higher among the participants who had more burnout.

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