Quality question

Quality question

Public gyms and yoga centers are being set up in all sports stadiums and government lands across the country by the Union Ministry of Health, in which the general public will be able to recover their health without the help of trained instructors. It has been introduced from Uttar Pradesh. For this, the process of framing rules, law and regulation has also started. Actually, there is a flood of yoga and gym centers across the country, but the main problem is about their quality, because most of their operators-trainers themselves are untrained. People are being harmed by this. Due to no legal restrictions, there is a flood of unauthorized institutions in every corner of the country, who instead of teaching and exercising properly, keep a watch on consumers’ pockets.

Especially in gymnasium, along with mechanical exercise, power boost medicines, supplements, special catalytic injections given to animals are being sold at no-nonsense prices. In all cities, cases are coming up in which life was caught by taking various medicines and dangerous injections. The condition of yoga centers is even worse, because most of the instructors do not even have basic knowledge of yoga and they can do their duty by telling some common postures. It is not wrong to go to these institutes and work for two hours every day. , But for this the guidance of trained coaches is especially important. Due to incorrect use of cheap equipment with no standard and poor quality, the number of cases such as muscle and nerve stretch, spinal or waist discomfort, joint pain is increasing day by day.

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Similarly, dangerous chemical drugs and injections, taken as catalysts in the name of body building, are not only harmful, but also fatal. Unfortunately in our country everything is uninteresting due to no special and effective rules law. Just like some precautions are to be taken while starting yoga and gym, similarly precautions have to be followed while abandoning them. And all these instructors and doctors can tell it very well. It is good that like the developed countries, the Government of India has started working in this direction.

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To control this business, not only are the standards being set, but registration, recognition and rating is being made mandatory by creating a regulatory body. With this, consumers will get information about their authenticity, quality and facilities as well as the qualifications of operators and trainers.

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