Ultimate happiness

Ultimate happiness

Ultimate happiness, Every creature in the world wishes for happiness. Nobody likes the state of sorrow, lack, but does he get happiness just by having a desire? No. If a man wants happiness, he will have to attach himself to his affection to get happiness. For example, when you feel thirsty, you look for water. You quench your thirst by reaching near the tap-well, puddle, pond, waterfall, river. If a person goes thirsty in the desert and seeks water, can his desire be fulfilled? not at all. On going there in search of water, he will die in life and trouble.

Mental health can be improved by exercising

In the same way, today human is also mistaking material pleasures as real happiness. In spite of being the master of all Riddhi-Siddhi, he has chosen the wrong path to stumble from one place to another like a beggar. He is seeking happiness in wealth, desire, lust, which are mortal. The store of real happiness is filled inside it. God has hidden his part in him, which is the source of ultimate happiness, peace. Just as there are priceless oysters in the navel of the antelope, but he does not know about it. If it was known, there is no need to wander in the forest to get that fragrance.

Lord Shiva and Shiva

Man has also ignored the spiritual pleasures behind the material pleasures today. The purpose of human life is understood to live an animal life. Behind the attainment of physical pleasures, he has forgotten that he is part of God. God is rich in every respect, but his son has made himself poor. The reason for this is that humans today are separated from God. If he tries to look inside himself, if he associates with God then he will start receiving eternal happiness.