Staff, line and Auxiliary Agencies

Staff, line and Auxiliary Agencies

Staff, line and Auxiliary Agencies

The traditional pattern of organizing the administrative branch of government is departmental. In the first days, each department was an autonomous unit and carried out all the activities necessary for its maintenance. He assumed full responsibility for all his primary and secondary functions. But over time, the cases in each department increased in magnitude and complexity and reached the era of specialization. For the sake of efficiency and economy, it was considered desirable to break the departmental organization in two new directions. These new addresses differ from line agencies such as personnel agencies and support agencies.

Functions of the chief executive

The concept of line and personal is derived from military terminology. When the growth of armies became complicated, the field commanders who participated in the actual combat work felt the need for specialized services, which led to the need to adopt a system similar to that of the military in general, particularly in the United States. I felt it Advising staff on matters not directly related to the business. This system entered first into private business management and then into government.

Constitutional Design of State Administration (Part – 2)

A government operates its business with the help of a high-level organization system. The central hierarchy consists of line and line support for employees and support agencies. The line works in direct fulfillment of the program’s objectives and is delivered by staff and support services. The staff gives special advice but not command. Auxiliary provides common services.

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