Comparative Public Administration

Meaning of Comparative Public Administration

Meaning of comparative public administration

Comparative public administration is a relatively new concept in the field of public administration studies. Under this concept, the nature of comparison can also be international; Such as – Municipal administration in India and Sri Lanka, comparison of training system of Britain and France etc. This comparison may also be inland; Such as – comparison of municipal administration of Rajasthan and Punjab, comparison of secretariats of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, comparison of local governance of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh etc.

Comparative Public Administration

Comparative public administration refers to the comparison of the structure and functional of two or more administrative units. The main objective of comparative public administration is to make public administration out of the range of traditional study area and old study systems and make its field more comprehensive and beneficial.

Functions of the Staff Agencies

That is to express equality and inequality between any two units. Or to express the reasons for equality and inequality between two units, etc. Therefore, comparative public administration is studied in two ways.

  1. Internal Comparative Public Administration – When comparative study is done between two units, it is called internal comparative study.
  2. External Comparative Public Administration – When comparative study is done between two sub-units of a unit, external comparative study is called noun.
    In public administration, maximum attention is given to internal studies and not external studies.

Introduction to Public Administration Objective Question (Part – 3)

Under comparative public administration, comparative study of public, administrative institutions of different states functioning in different cultures is done. To make the study horizon of public administration broad, practical and scientific, it is very appropriate that comparative studies of public administration of different societies should be conducted to draw some general conclusions. Generally keeping this fact in mind, Nimarod Rafli wrote that “Comparative Public Administration is the study of Public Administration on a comparative basis.”

In the general sense, comparative public administration means comparative study of government administrative systems functioning in different countries of the world. Briefly in Comparative Public Administration

  1. Various administrative components are departments, corporation processes etc.
  2. These administrative components may be part of the same culture or organization or located between different cultures or organizations.
  3. Comparisons are made on the basis of a comprehensive theory, design or plan and
  4. The goal of comparative analysis can be administrative reform or the discovery of scientific truth or principle.

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