Eternal death

Eternal death

Eternal death

Eternal death :- Every creature becomes frightened on hearing the name of the word death. Stopping the internal and external activities of the body is death. When enjoyment ends with this body of the individual soul, he renounces this physical body called death. Death is the law of this creation. The order of creation is rotating on the axis of birth and death. We have to live in the moving mill of death, if not today, tomorrow.

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This eternal truth can neither be denied that the sure existence of today, which we feel dear to, will be merged into the great void tomorrow. Our philosophical texts also say that death is a compulsory event, but the reality of death is not as terrible as imaginations have formed. In this infinite flow of life, death is considered a pleasant rest. Death does not end life completely, but it also leads to a new life. Our sages also had the same thinking that the way a bed is done at night and a new program is made by waking up in the morning on the second day, in the same way, every day a new day begins in the new life with the rest of death. Life and death is a continuous divine system.

If death had not happened, we would not have realized the importance of life. Death inspires humans to become alert and wise, but worldly enjoyment hinders us from understanding the real meaning of death. Our spiritual heritage teaches us that the way a human is striving for a bright life every day, he should also try to make his moment of death well. Death is a warning that prevents man from indulging on the path of indulgence, sin. The person who assimilates this warning starts moving on the path of disinterest.

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