Possession Positive Thinking in Human Brain

Possession Positive Thinking in Human Brain

Possession Positive Thinking in Human Brain. The root of development and destruction has been recognized as goodwill and goodwill. Virtue is a God-given medicinal power producing positive thinking in the human mind. It also develops the ability to pave the way on obstructed paths and set goals. The development of a person is only due to wearing goodwill in life. At the same time, due to obscurity, a human being falls in every way.

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When the intensity of devotion increases, God provides divine wealth in the form of blessings to the devotee in the form of boon, which gives him many types of cosmic pleasure, wealth, wealth, fame, fame, status. At the same time, because of feeling of atheism towards God, a person with a stupor gets disgrace, grief, sorrow, pain, suffering on the footsteps. Due to disbelief towards God, his mind is destroyed and all wealth is destroyed, while the helpless person also earns his living due to good faith. He does not feel the need to spread his hand in front of anyone, asking for alms.


It is possible to solve all the unsolved problems of life only with the awakening of goodwill. In ancient times, all the sages and Maharishi worshiped Gayatri every day for awakening of the good. This is also the root of the awakening of insight. Without it, a person lives foolish, foolish, animal-like. The golden opportunity for spiritual progress and meaningfulness of life is possible only through the awakening of virtue. Rishi-sages used to practice the awakening of virtue from childhood itself in order to make life sacramental and bond-free. Due to which excellent thinking, temperament, karma was born in the children and due to this, their life became rich and prosperous after becoming a human being, it became glorious and great.

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