Sadness depends on your state of mind

Sadness depends on your state of mind

Sadness depends on your state of mind. God has created unprecedented life with different colors. No matter how much a person wants, there should be only bliss on his part, but this is not possible. Where there is a desire for happiness, there should also be the ability to suffer. Suffering is a fact. While happiness is always sure to be welcomed, how far is it reasonable to condemn your fate or hold others responsible for it when suffering and suffering come? Only by walking on crooked paths can you learn the most difficult lessons of life which prove to be very useful in living. Anyone who has accepted this struggle as a challenge will reduce the suffering of the sufferings.

God grace is very important

Sadness is dependent on your state of mind. Despite being formless, it can take extreme forms. The misconception that all sorrows are the result of external conditions, and that can only be resolved by changing the aura around, is not appropriate. If it were, then a person equipped with all the comforts would be the happiest in the world. We have heard the killers bursting from the slums of the poor. As soon as the child gets a toy cheaply, he is delighted and on the other hand he has seen a rich person. The more sensitive we are to our sufferings, the greater the feeling of suffering is going to be in the same proportion. If life is there, happiness and sorrow will continue to come. Just as we gladly accept bliss, in the same way, suffering will have to be suffered with indomitable courage, otherwise it will be very painful to overcome it

It is true that a person who is struggling with sorrow can understand his pain. It cannot be analyzed by others, but positive thinking about grief can help a person to walk the easy path of life. The success achieved by taking the pain as a challenge, then makes him ready to accept a new challenge.

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