The real meaning of Guru

The real meaning of Guru

The real meaning of Guru is that which increases the weight, strength in life. This is not possible with material things, but only through continuous study and contemplation of the Sat-Shastras. Outward gurus may be deceived, but persecution leads to constant weight gain. The truth is that every person is born as a ‘Govind’. This is the reason why a mother gets happiness as soon as she gives birth to God. Kabir says that if both God and Guru meet together then they should be devoted to the Guru’s feet.

Struggle is life

The Guru towards whom Kabir signs has two stages. The first stage is intelligence and the second stage is wisdom. Whoever has firmly held these feet of the Guru increases his gravity and gravity. Religion-meaning-work-salvation is drawn towards him. This guru will have to search in the inner world instead of searching in the outer world. To get this Guru, the feeling of affection, love, compassion, kindness, intimacy and bliss that needs to be developed in life while nurturing nine months in the mother’s womb. All these qualities increase a person’s gravity. It has also been said that Guru is the one who loses with his disciple.

The difficulty is that there is a place to find it and the search is on somewhere else. The child cries while being born by tying a fist because the precious gem found in the mother’s womb, which he tied in the fist and came into the world, there is no need for it. In the end, everyone has to return empty handed. Therefore, the mantra for Guru ‘Sheesh kata kate guru mein naasta jaan’ is 100 percent correct. This ‘Sheesh’ is of ego, due to which one has to do negative work for respect, respect and fame and how much energy has to be lost in vain. The full moon moon that spreads light in the darkness is saying that if the sky is high and wide, then these qualities should be imbibed.

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