what is life

what is life?

what is life? :- Life is the name of playing many characters simultaneously. Man is connected to family relations in the home. Outside the house, social relations stand before him. The aspirations born from these relationships keep him busy day and night. A large part of a man’s life is spent in fulfilling his aspirations. He feels that this is his life. The attachment of relationships takes him into a world of confusion. He is always diligent to fulfill the wishes of others. He does not see the self within his body. He also commits many sins to nurture their relationship. Others enjoy his happiness, but he has to suffer the penalty of sin alone. The society has glorified this tendency of man to fulfill his selfishness with heavy words like household, social, but has never worried about neglecting his self.

Ultimate happiness

Actually life is a difficult practice. It is necessary to be sensitive to relationships in life and spiritual upbringing also cannot be ignored. As long as man is attached to his self element, then he is capable of achieving achievements in life. If he is loyal to his difference then his actions will also be superior. Man should do more diligence than the labor he does for living. Only the difference will be pure, then only the qualities will be included in it.


When qualities like restraint, contentment, ease, kindness, love make a place in the mind then demerits such as work, anger, greed, attachment, ego leave the field themselves. The duties of a human being are as much towards his family, society as well as his own. Life is the only way to move forward with their coordination. When God blesses, this difficult path also becomes simple.

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