Every task is easy by request

Every task is easy by request. It is a beautiful habit of human nature to ask anyone to say, speak or ask for something. This testes the humility, courtesy, discipline of human nature. In this world, all beings are associated with each other in some way. Therefore, we inevitably need others for every task. For this, if the needy person requests another person, then that task is completed easily. Nobody’s heart is saddened by that request, but contrary to this process, someone’s heart is very sad when asked or asked forcibly. Instead of love, duality arises and the success of the work becomes questionable.

सभी ब्राह्मणों के लिए अति महत्वपूर्ण कर्म

Every task is easy by request. There is respect, request, request, request. By request, the person also wins the heart of the enemy. If requested to seek the cooperation of any person, then the unknown person also never hesitates to provide help in the heart. Making a request is a key feature of courtesy. This has been the positive thinking, thinking, tradition of our Indian culture since time immemorial, which acts as the main foundation for enhancing the quality of greatness within human beings. When a person makes a request to someone, his heart swells with joy and he listens openly. He also stands up to help her, except for her urgent work.

The request is a sense of spiritual durability. In which there is hidden longing for the help of work. All pleading with God, folded hands and say, listen to my plea! We are all fools. The person bestowing the front offers respect and respect by requesting them. This is the great quality of man, which definitely gives him superiority.


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