The purpose of lighting the lamp

The purpose of lighting the lamp

The purpose of lighting the lamp. In the puja recitation, people first light the lamp, then perform the aarti of their deity and finally perform the aarti from Kapur. It has a balanced flame and not a fiery fire. Similarly, human beings also need to be like a balanced lamp. If a man adopts simplicity, gentleness, purity, satyavadita and softness etc. in his life, then he becomes like a diary of worship and aarti. People worship in the rituals and religious ceremonies of the Aarti flame and worship its fire head-to-head, similarly, such a person is revered and respected everywhere from home, family, neighborhood. Give. All this quality was in Maryadapurushottam Shri Ram. His whole personality was of spreading light. These balanced lamps burning on Deepawali festival teach us to be a lamp of virtue and positivity. The rows of lamps also look attractive. Whereas anger, violence, jealousy, malice, promiscuity etc. are like fiery fires which are destructive.

This kind of fire causes loss of public wealth and in this way it burns its house before others, in the same way, such a malicious and negative person has his first loss. People look down upon such a person. Ravana was killed due to these misgivings. People with such nature have such a low level of confidence that if a normal person challenges them, they get scared. Comparing Sri Rama and Ravana, Tulsidas writes – ‘Ravana Rathi, Virath Raghubira.’ That is, Rama is walking like a normal person without a chariot, while Ravana had a variety of chariots equipped with weapons. He rode on, but he was defeated and killed due to malevolences. Therefore, a human being should make his personality like that of Diwali so that public interest is made.

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