Significance of festivals

Significance of festivals

Significance of festivals are also means of celebrating their prosperity. This has been our tradition, but generations away from our culture have started seeing it only by connecting with materialism. With the changing times, the market has interfered in our traditions, which is showing all the negative effects in the society. Religious traditions of India have a glorious history. Each of our festivals has a message that covers the reason for celebrating that festival. We celebrate our festivals with joy, but are unable to assimilate them in our behavior. Somewhere, the system called market has almost destroyed the nature of the values ​​of the festival. Due to this, so many practical traditions are dying. No matter how modern we may become over time and how much science may progress, but the bond between religion and man cannot be separated.

Discharge of traditions does not mean opposing modernity at all. Moving in the course of time is progress and today’s generation must keep pace with time, but they should also know the importance of glory behind the festival. The present generation should not accept the nature of festivals as merely an online shopping festival, but rather know the facts that have led to these festivals. It is also the responsibility of the present-day parents to make their children aware of all the areas related to the future and also to ensure that they are giving religious values ​​to the future generation. If it is not told about the significance of religion and festival, then the youth will be attracted to the form which is not in reality. The significance of our festivals is also that along with celebrating them, the messages contained in them should also be brought to life.

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