Teaching Concept and Belief

Teaching: Concept and Belief

Teaching method is a very important component of teacher training or teacher training in the field of teaching as a teacher. Before focusing on the imperative of teaching method, it is necessary to define some key concepts. These concepts are teaching, teaching and finally teaching method. An understanding of these concepts will be important for our common understanding and application of teaching method.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be pruned. –

Guinness Proverb.

Teach some beliefs

It is often believed that when a person knows the subject well, that person is able to teach the subject. For example, a highly qualified carpenter may feel that in his professional vision he can easily instruct others on how he works and explain the ideas and objectives involved. It is not equivalent to teaching.

Many also mistakenly think that anyone can teach. Perhaps an inaccurate example that confirms this idea is the concept of “untrained teachers”. We rarely hear from doctors, engineers, architects etc. The untrained, who, like others, teach a profession, that is, they have their own unique principles, morals and practices. Therefore, each Tom, Dick and ‘Harry can question themselves for teaching tasks without the necessary training in teaching. Teaching is not simply the presentation of new skills and knowledge to the student. Neither is there. Teacher (what the instructor knows in the hands or in the trainee’s mind. Furthermore, teaching is not the same as teaching nor is it synonymous with teaching). Effective teaching means that there are some things that a teacher should do and other things that students should also do to increase their chances of learning. The teacher undergoes a formal, theoretical and practical training. R needs to plan their activities to ensure that students can acquire desirable knowledge and skills. Process is equally important as a product. $ e does not focus only on the product * Both means and ends are important.

Planning is important because it involves the selection and organization of learning experiences that will lead to meaningful interactions between teacher and students.

“Tell me and I will forget to show myself and I will remember to do it with me and find out.”

This means that knowledge is a consequence of counting, showing and doing “actively” with students (learners) in the teaching process.

Teaching Concept and Belief

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