Quarrel is to invite destruction

Quarrel is to invite destruction

Quarrel is to invite destruction

To quarrel is to invite destruction and only fools quarrel. If the devotees quarrel, they cannot be called devotees. They are pretenders. They do not know what devotion to God is done and what should be the nature of the devotee? Understanding the purpose of devotion is the first task of the devotee. Knowledge can be attained only through devotion. A devotee who is knowledgeable sees the power of his worship in all living creatures. Then how can he fight with his adoration. For the devotee, every creature, animal, tree, plant, stone, mountain are all worshiped. How can he disrespect the venerable thing?

The fullness and meaningfulness of human life is considered successful only by developing love from every living being. In the absence of this, even God himself does not accept his worship, because there is no sense of devotion in him. The sense of triviality becomes the basis for the creation of quarrelsome situations. God has created the creation with the aim of giving happiness to every living being and it is possible only by developing love in the heart. Love is by adopting holiness. Piety comes from reverence. Faith is obtained by the grace of God. The grace of God comes from the predominance of virtue. The attainment of virtue leads to the growth of sattrama and goodwill. With the growth of sattkarma and good knowledge, man reaches the category of deity. And those who are gods, God keeps their necklaces, because the creation of God is protected by God.

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While the civilization of culture and civilization is rich, there is a rain of happiness and peace. Peace comes. Quarrels are the hallmark of the Asura culture. Every human being is aware of being wise to avoid these fortifications. Culture is corrupted by quarreling. There is a need to avoid this.

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