Understand the adolescent student

Understand the adolescent student

Understand the adolescent student

Understand the adolescent student The word “adolescence” comes from the Latin verb “adolescence,” which means “to grow.” Therefore, the term adolescence is abstract development and it is in this sense that adolescence represents a period of profound development and change in almost all aspects of the child’s physical, mental, social and emotional life. Adolescence begins with the onset of puberty and lasts until the beginning of adulthood. Many physical and psychological changes occur during this period. According to Cole, adolescence is a period of growth in all body systems. Over the course of a few years, the person undergoes both the size and internal chemistry of the body. The persistence, diversity and strength of these developments are surprising. The changes are so widespread that some people refer to him as a second birth. Stanley Hall has described this period as a “period of storm and tension” when the individual is uncertain, unstable and unpredictable.


Cognitive development

Adolescent learner

Adolescents are generally considered as a homogeneous group, but they can be stratified according to gender, race, class, geographic location (urban / rural) and religion. Teenagers also include a whole range of categories. School and non-school children, excluded, sexually abused, adolescents working with single and unpaid adolescents, as well as married men and women with experience of father and motherhood. Teenagers are due to the influence of electronic media, Indian teenagers cannot be affected by globalization. However, it is impossible to follow the interests, aspirations and attitudes of Indian adolescents, although it is very difficult to generalize since there are many subgroups due to the vastness of the county and its plural culture.

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