Greenland’s snow is melting fast

Greenland’s snow is melting fast, Greenland is currently melting seven times faster than the last decade of the last century. This has been claimed in a study assessing climate change hazards on the polar islands. At the same time, it has also been told that by the end of this century due to rising sea level, about 40 million people will be affected by the sinking of coastal areas.

The study has been conducted by researchers from the UK’s University of Leeds in association with 50 international institutions. For this study, researchers assessed changes in snow sheets in Greenland between 1992 and 2018. For this, 26 different surveys were used. Researchers also used data from 11 different satellites for this study, including the changing volume of ice sheets, measurement of flow and gravity. The study, published in the journal Nature, reported that since 1992, 3.8 trillion tons of ice have disappeared from Greenland, enough to raise the sea level to 10.6 millimeters globally.

Researchers said, “The melting rate in the last decade of the last century has been 33 billion tons per year, which increased to 254 billion tons in the last decade. This means there has been almost a seven-fold increase in the last three decades.

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Defying Old Estimates: The study reported that in 2013, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimated sea level to rise 60 cm by 2100 globally, causing 36 million people to experience annual coastal flooding. May be encountered, but in a recent study, researchers say that the sea level can rise faster, defying the old estimates. The IPCC, which monitors climate scenarios, also estimates that sea levels may rise 7 cm higher than predicted.

100 million people to be affected: Leeds University co-author Andrew Shepherd said, “A centimeter rise in sea level globally means that six million people living in coastal areas will be affected.” It is said that by the end of the century, due to melting of Greenland ice, 100 million people will have to face the dangers of flooding.

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Effective steps to be taken: Researchers said, “If we do not take effective steps to deal with climate change, then this situation may become even more disastrous. Therefore, we should leave the good and healthy earth together for our future and future generations.

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