Scientists found a way to save more from hunger

Scientists found a way to save more from hunger. Scientists have identified such circuits of various nerves in the brain, which cause repeated eating in a person. Scientists at the US University of Georgia reported that some people react to things without thinking. This nature causes excessive or frequent eating and obesity. Due to this there is also the risk of addiction to addiction or gambling. Now scientists have succeeded in identifying the circuit of the nerves of the brain that causes it.

According to scientists, some cells in the hypothalamus, an important part of the brain that play an important role in hormone secretion to control body temperature, induce a response without thought. The results of the research are expected to devise such a drug, which may make it possible to control this nature.

Cholesterol medicine will protect you from serious diseases

Researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States believe that the results of this study will prompt scientists to develop drugs that can control the nature of responding without thinking. He hoped that this research will help doctors in the future to get rid of the problem of overeating. “We can change our behavior by activating that circuit in special ways,” says Emily Noble, head of the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Researchers for this study
Used a rat model. During this time he paid attention to the cells of the brain which

AI will treat serious brain injuries

Scientists have developed a new system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can detect fatal brain injuries. This will help doctors in timely treatment of patients with TBI ie traumatic brain injury. TBI is considered a major global cause of death. Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland said, ‘TBI patients often remain unconscious, making it extremely challenging for doctors to accurately assess their condition during treatment. Researchers have developed an AI-based algorithm to address this problem, which estimates patients’ brain injury and collects data about their condition. The study is published in a journal called Scientific Report.

Cognitive development

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