God is great philanthropist and giver

God is great philanthropist and giver

God is great philanthropist and giver

God is a great philanthropist and giver. He also made a living and made all the arrangements for life. Made the earth to lay the ground. Originated air, water, flora and fire to survive. This arrangement was to make life simple and useful, but man by his nature turned them into affection for inequities and sorrows. God is the lord of the earth, but man has taken possession of the earth, dissolving his authority. On the one hand man believes that God is the creator of creation, on the other hand establishes his authority over his earth. What else is this malign from God? When man has no right over his life then what kind of claim on earth. Man has not only established unauthorized ownership on the earth, but has also exploited it abundantly. Man has also committed the crime of destroying the quality of the earth. Like the earth, the God-given quality of air and water is also being destroyed.

Effort and hard work are necessary for a successful and meaningful life

Man first makes fools and later wastes his power and intelligence to improve them. Neither idiots are closing nor wastage of intelligence. Humans are contaminating water and air, then they do research to purify them. How many diseases are caused by water and air. Most of the disputes in the world are related to the earth which has killed millions of people. Just as man, despite all knowledge and intelligence, ultimately depends on the grace of God for his life, he should deal with the creation in the same spirit. The importance of earth, air and water should be for the use of man during his life time, not to be seen as possessive. Man can be a consumer and protector of earth, water, air, but not a master. This is the solution to many problems of man and this will also give a place in the court of God.


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