Purpose of Human Life

Purpose of Human Life

Purpose of Human Life

Purpose of human life, One of his followers came to his house once to meet the famous philosopher Socrates. When Socrates came out of his house after knocking at the door, the disciple very politely urged him, I came to meet him from very far, impressed by Socrates’ thoughts and personality. Can I see him? Socrates remained calm for a while and then said, Socrates? Which Socrates are you referring to? Till date I myself have not recognized Socrates. Sorry I can not make you see him. The poor yatra of Socrates’ vision returned with great disappointment.

The definition of life is the value of time

Socrates’ answer was simple, but its implications are very pithy. Ever seriously lay hands on your heart and look for answers to the question whether we can identify ourselves? The famous American writer Mark Twain said, only two days are important in human life. The first day when he is born and the second when he comes to know what is the purpose of his birth, but unfortunately after taking life, we completely forget the sacred purposes of our birth and waste precious human life. Lets lose. An important question arises here, who are we and what is the purpose of our life?


We do not wipe away the sorrow and tears of humanity in the blind desire to collect material comforts and immense wealth. The precious moments of life which are wasted in inhuman acts like greed, craving, non-violence, untruthful words, distract life from its true objectives. True humanity is an attempt to bring happiness on the face of a sad and helpless human by wiping tears of sorrow and pain. Life has a true purpose. To understand this, we must first consider ourselves and the meaning of our lives.

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