Duties and authority

Duties and Authority

Duties and Authority is life

Man has always wished for happiness, prosperity and happiness. This longing of man gave birth to the principles and rules of all spiritual, scientific, social, political, economic and material life of the world. In fact, these rules and principles are a guide to man’s worldly and spiritual progress, but today most people are those who consider only physical progress as progress. Spiritual or semi-ordinal rules and principles have no value for them. For them, material achievements and enjoyment are happiness. To achieve this, they want to achieve maximum progress and happiness with their individual rules and principles. While doing this, they often forget their human duties and talk about the right to forget the distinction between causality and indefinable. This creates a crisis. Duties and Authority is life

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Duties and Authority the joy of human life

Duty and authority The happiness of human life depends on the fact that his thinking is positive and emotional, so that he considers every task as his duty. By the way, to attain more happiness is the primitive desire of man. When this desire takes worldly vision, it is called Shree Shreyas in terms of Abhyudaya and Parlokik welfare, but we should keep in mind that the means of achieving both of these should be policy and religion and not Anity and Unrighteousness.


In fact, religion is subject to the doer and is necessarily causal to him according to his qualifications, circumstances and goals, hence it is called duty. It is from this duty that rights arise. Like a child doing his study duty one day becomes a scholar. In this way he gets authority over knowledge and he gets all the rights of Acharya. He gets all the rights of a teacher by moral and virtuous discharge of duties. In this way, rights are achieved only by the discharge of duties. Therefore, everyone should undertake duties before aspiring for rights.

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