Life in relationships

Life in relationships

Life in relationships, This era remains witness to the rapid disintegration of families. The belief in the concept of single family is ending the system of joint families. This idea of ​​single family has made man so lonely that he is limited in his life. Due to non-compromise of their facilities, there are continuous changes in Indian families. There was a time when their happiness was compromised for the sorrow of the family and it is a period in which the family gets separated in search of their happiness when there is grief in the family.

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Relationships in life are more important than life in those relationships. If there is no life in the relationship, then there is no justification for having a relationship in life. In this period we are bent on ending life in relationships. At first, they pave the way to isolation from the real relationships of life and then take shelter of virtual forums to meet this need when the need of relationships is felt. A virtual world can never fulfill reality, money cannot fulfill a human being in life. Relationships are relationships, and materiality is not just materiality, but the craving to make life happy, prosperous and lonely, even after earning money, wealth, fame, fame, etc., deprives the family of happiness and happiness. It also affects mental life. Not only this, the upbringing of children is also affected.

If the feelings in life are not fulfilled in real, then a person becomes a passer of the virtual world. This world binds him into the illusion that he belongs to all and everyone, but in his time of need he becomes aware of reality when he finds himself alone. That is why relationships should be given importance so that there is no need to take care of the virtual world.

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