Freedom from disorientation

Freedom from disorientation

Freedom from disorientation, Man is a deviated deity. If he can get rid of this disorientation and adopt rationality, then a situation can be created to overcome himself and overcome many. It is not necessary to be a scholar or wrestler. Kabir, Dadu, Raidas, Meera, Shabari etc. did not receive that credit on the basis of scholarship or opulence. Man has three such mines as body, mind and inner causes, of which manimukta can be dug out at will. Sattapatras also get external support spontaneously. Students passing with good numbers get easy scholarships. Only Kupatras keep blaming them on luck, sometimes on planetary constellations and sometimes on whatever appears in front of them.

Effort and hard work are necessary for a successful and meaningful life

No one has stopped the motions. There is no stopping in between without the flowing resolution of the Ganges, bringing it to the union of the ocean. Today’s invisible but one of the two major problems is that people have become accustomed to paralysis. Personal prudence does not wake up so much that one can muster up the courage to adopt what is suitable with the help of free thought and to throw out what is inappropriate. If this paradigm is formed, then by humming the song of ‘Ekla Chalo Re’, a person can acquire wealth that can be enjoyed in the above three areas. The biggest, most frightening problem of today is the same, the reflection of human consciousness, the fading of intuition, the inability to understand the rationale and wandering in thorny bushes. There is a need to overcome this situation.

The environment makes a human being, this expression applies only to the departed people. The reality is that the rich people of self-power, with their determination and talent, are completely successful in creating the desired environment. They definitely show what they want, which establishes their inspiring fame and pride in the world.

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