Path of joy

Path of joy

Path of joy, There will not be a person on this earth who demands from his God to give us immense trouble, body is diseased, lack of money and we do not get restful sleep, but every person wants happiness and good life from his presiding deity. is. Those who call themselves atheists and deny the power of God, they also want to accept the power of bliss from within. Despite such a wish, most of the people are seen crying unhappily. Actually, there are many ways to enjoy. If a person does not know all the paths by standing at the Panchmukhi crossroads, then he will continue on the same path. These Panchmukhi routes are Panch Gyan Kendriyas. Now if someone lives only for taste, then he will be deprived of the wonderful sight, hearing, smell and touch of the world. If you take a person who is happy with all the senses, he will not be alone One should listen to discourse, music, recitation of mantras in satsang for hearing. It also gives relief to the mind. Nature must be seen to the fullest for the view.

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At sunrise, nature does its amazing makeup so that people benefit from it. One should spend some time around trees and plants to smell and smell. Under tactile pleasure, parents also get touch by step-footing of gurus, adoption of small children and play. When the Kashi Hindu University was being built, its founder Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya used to go out in the night to touch the walls made by the laborers. By all these measures, the chemicals that will be produced in the diverse body, will not let the person be sad. In the present physical phase, if a person is eager only for material prosperity, then his life will get only one juice, which will later produce dullness. Therefore one should always make good use of the five senses provided by God.

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