Self-control is a must

Self-control is a must

Self-control is a must

It is self-control to make your body and mind riches healthy and love for life. A person who does not exercise restraint is like a dead person. Abstinence is the dose of self-study which after attaining the life of man becomes disease less. It is not only necessary for the people to exercise restraint for the enhancement of dignity in life. It is with moderation that life is happy and life becomes blissful. If man does not exercise restraint, he is seen facing sorrow at every turn of life. If self-control is stable in man, he becomes lazy.

Identify your limit

A king had a good medical system in the village for the benefit of the subjects that he used to visit from time to time even in the hospital for inspection but he did not see any person coming to the hospital as a patient. The mystery was revealed and it was discovered that all people live a life with restraint. therefore, people do not suffer from disease. If man believes in himself and has restraint, he can cure every disease. Our playful mind is used to wandering, moving ideas from one place to another, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but we need to exercise self-control.

Duties and Authority

Self-control enhances the strength of the intellect in the body. The mind is happy and the mind gets the strength of the mind which makes our thinking positive. Today’s people live a messy life and they have no effect on any kind of unnecessary things. They should calm their lives and give their minds the right direction by considering something so that they can have a happy life. Our body senses have so much strength to cure their small disease easily, but why a person does not run behind medicines so much. If a person does not have restraint, he is surrounded by troubles at every moment and he begs God for mercy.

Life in relationships

Every yoga man says that if you understand and do not find what he has received in life, try to find it so that your mind can be calmed, but don’t have restraint if you do with restraint, life will be normal for hell and you will not act with restraint. Nothing will be done.

There are four types of restraint. Moderation of food, restraint of thought, restraint of senses and restraint of meaning. Self-control is possible only through internal power. In time, those who are willing to lead a moderate life receive good praise. The way water is collected in a hole-containing pitcher is impossible. Similarly, the power of the intemperate body is out of the body and remains a definite patient. The protection of health sits on its own and opens the grave of your life itself. Sobriety provides peace, peace, security and well-being.

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